Assault rifles stolen from Chicago rail yard

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Raising hormonal teens amid gunfire and gang wars is no easy task. With this kind of weaponry on the streets (assault weapons) “concealed and carry” sounds necessary. What do you think?


Armed and extremely dangerous. Some heavy weapons have fallen into the wrong hands in Chicago– and police desperately want to get them back.

Perhaps ironically, these semi-automatic rifles are very similar to what police themselves use. Thirteen of them were stolen from a train parked in Englewood– complete with their high-capacity 30-round magazines.

Special Agent Tom Ahern, ATF: “They’re high-capacity rifles. They’re very dangerous when they’re in the wrong hands.”

The Smith and Wesson M and P 15 Sport Rifle– virtually identical to the M-4 assault rifle U.S. troops use at war, police use to keep the peace; or citizens use to create chaos, in the AR-15 Bushmaster Incarnation. That’s the now-infamous weapon used in the massacre at sandy hook elementary school.

Sometime between Sunday and Tuesday, 13 of them were grabbed from a shipment of 50, from a Norfolk Southern freight container parked at this Englewood rail yard.


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