The Distance Between Us

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Navigating Relationships


The song Ooh, baby-baby by Smokey Robinson is a story about losing someone you love through an act of betrayal. The singer pours his soul out to the woman he loves in hopes she will take him back.

This story is a different interpretation of the song.

Picture a mother and daughter suffering from the experience of those teen year  growing pains.

The communication between the two consists of arguments of whom or what may be right or wrong.

Finally the daughter feels it’s not worth the struggle anymore. She thinks -” Mom will never understand me and I don’t know what her problem is and furthermore I don’t care”.

Tired and feeling that she is not being heard or understood she decides that anywhere is better than home and runs away,leaving mom feeling helpless and with long sleepless nights. Not a waking moment pases without mom wondering where…

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The #Ferguson Experience How to be a Committed 2015 Parent

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