Good Grief Sunday Drivers!

March 3, 2015 at 11:17 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday I was in my car with my sweetie on the way to breakfast, and found myself behind this woman who was taking her sweet, slow time! All I could think of was Today isSunday drivers 2 not Sunday, so why are you driving so slowly?

Impatient beast that I am, I moved from behind the Sunday driver and pulled up alongside to see if I could figure out why this person was driving soooo slowly. Invariably I find that the driver is an elderly person used to taking his or her time. The beast in me subsides and I smile. One day (if I’m lucky) I’ll be a little ‘old’ lady, taking my time while I drive, and people will wonder why in the world I am driving so slowly!

By the way, a Sunday driver is defined as a person who drives a car inexpertly, especially slowly or over-cautiously, in the manner of one who drives infrequently. Ah the impatience of youth!sunday-drivers

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